Lia Stargrove

Wanderer, Sworn enemy of Dragon Fiends, and Keeper of the "Old Ways"


Lia_Stargrove_Portrait.jpgLIa Stargrove is a mysterious figure with jet black hair with deep emerald green eyes. Standing just a shade over 5’ tall she hides easily among the shadows and in the wild. Her cool exterior is often misunderstood for disinterest or even arrogance which often leads to frustration for others. Underneath her cracked exterior is a strength born of rejection and loss. Stuck in the middle of two worlds she has longed for the open road and adventure. She is not one to be tied down for long and keeps her roots shallow. Lia has been trained in the “Old Ways” and is of a hearty disposition able to live for months in the wild. She requires little and has little patience for the cares of civilized life. Cities and large gatherings are not her thing, although, when pressed, she can assume the role of her human nobility with grace and ease. LIa’s memory is long and she remembers those who have caused her pain and loss. At the top of that list is “Cruel Tess” whom she seeks to destroy.


Lia Staregrove is a half-elf caught in a world without a family to call her own. She grew up with her father, Danillo, a Noble of the House of Thann, in Waterdeep and led a life of privilege receiving the best education on aristocracy, etiquette, and the natural sciences; she was never satisfied and longed for the wide open spaces of the world she spent so much time learning about.

Being of half-elf heritage she received terrible treatment from jealous relatives that hated the affections her father showed her. Disillusioned with her life, at the age of 15, she sneaked onto one of her father’s caravans and made her way to her mother’s wood-elf village in the High Forest seeking a life of adventure close to her wood-elf heritage. When she arrived she was far from welcomed. Her mother, Merriam, was delighted to have her, but her extended family shunned her because of her human heritage. Realizing she had made a mistake, she traveled back to her father in Waterdeep only to find he had been poisoned and killed under mysterious circumstances. Unable to get any straight answers and being disowned by the Thann’s Lia fled from Waterdeep. Lia still bears the mark of House Thann.

On her journey she met a stout, kindhearted, dragonborn, Xarkax, and he taught her his language, Draconian, and the ways of the Dragonborn. In return she taught him elvish and all she know of Waterdeep. Xarkax, with gratitude and moved by her impoverished circumstances, shared about the benevolent elven tribes in the heart of the High Forest known for taking in Half-elves. She soon returned to The High Forest and was taken in by an ancient Wood elf tribe, the"Oldest Ones" as an emissary to nearby human villages on the outskirts of the High Forest. Her tribe was near “The Sisters” in the heart of the High Forest. Her upbringing served her well as she brokered peace and trade for the tribe.

At age 19 her tribe was attacked by the infamous Green Dragon, Tessithezmalfathquinak, known for her cruelty and cunning. “Cruel Tess” as she was widely known had long fostered an enmity with this clan. Lia and her best friend Walzenya were away hunting in the southern High Forest when word spread of the attack. She returned to the total devastation and loss of her people. The following months Walzenya taught her the way of the Ranger and passed along all her knowledge of the “Old Ways”. During their sojourn to find the Treant Turlang and seek his counsel, Walzenya and Lia were waylaid by a dark shadow overhead. In a moment’s breath the great wyrm was upon them snatching up Walzenya and disappearing into the night’s sky.

From that day Lia has sworn vengeance on the Great Wyrm, “Cruel Tess”, that killed her first true family and friends. She travels forth sworn to combat any evil, especially dragons, she finds and to protect the “Old Ways”.

Lia Stargrove

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