Quora Hillbarrow

Renowned storyteller, actor of some regard, and tumbler extraordinaire!


Quora_Portrait.jpgQuora Hillbarrow stands a paltry 3’1" tall; a child among the tall folk. Her auburn hair is neatly fixed in various styles depending upon her mood that day. A hopeless romantic, Quora is searching for that “special someone” and always seems to find the good in others which can get her in a bit of trouble from time to time. She lives to perform and loves to see the smiles on peoples faces – it brings her great joy! Tact is not one Quora’s enduring qualities. She is curiously awkward and it is not unusual for her to misplace a joke or offend through a word not knowing the cultural or political intricacies. Quora has made a living playing the innocent to get her way out of a tight spot, but don’t let that fool you. Quora has mastered the art of misdirection and has a way of getting what she wants in the end. Her wit and wile should not be underestimated. In her travels she has gained quite the reputation for her skill with the hand-crossbow and she continues to put her acrobatics to use in her adventuring.


Quora Hillbarrow, renowned storyteller, actor of some regard, and tumbler extraordinaire has made a living out of putting her roguish talents to the test. There is nothing she enjoys more than the cheer and applause of a crowd! Quora hails from the southernmost reaches of Faerun in Luiren, the land of her kin, the Hin. Tired of the odd ways of her strongheart cousins she joined a traveling carnival, “The Traveling Yokels” led by a gregarious human bard, Numse Paddlehaven who promised fame and fortune. Quora quickly became known for her death defying tumbling routine as she wowed crowds throughout Southern Faerun; from her homeland of Luiren, to the shining parapets of Calimshan, to the halls of Underhome in the Great Rift. Unsatisfied with simply beguiling crowds of the adventures of others she longed to be part of the adventure like Nathier Fleetfoot the famed Hin rogue of old.

After a private performance in Eartheart for the renowned dwarven commander, Dergard Hammerfist, of the 5th regiment of Carvers, Quora was approached by a mysterious figure. Cloaked in shadow, the figure requested a secret audience to discuss a matter of a Calimshite Pasha. Quora rejected his request knowing fair well the sort of “business” Pasha’s propagate. The last thing Quora remembers is turning to walk out of the room before she felt a heavy blow to the back of her head.

Quora awoke in a dark cramped space, head spinning, with the overwhelming smell of burnt oak and Calimshite Ale assaulting her senses. Muffled voices soon escalate into an all out brawl as steel is drawn. The crack of wood and the flood of a blinding light fill the barrel. A silhouette quickly emerges over the top of the barrel offering a brief respite from the piercing light which is amplified by the pounding in Quora’s head.

Quora was rescued from an empty keg of Ale bound for Calimshan by a band of Carvers led by Dimitry Ironfist, an Alaghor of Clangadin Silverbeard, under the command of Dergard. Quora immediately recognized the symbol on one of the daggers (two crossed scimitars with the desert sands in the background inside of a flaming sun) of the Calimshite Pasha, Emir Tawfiq Youssef, a renowned slaver who she recently satirized as an Orc pig farmer.

Relief soon turned to disbelief as the Carvers demanded a king’s ransom for the “trouble” of rescuing her. As an alternative, the dwarf’s proposed that Quora’s particular talents could be put to use as part of a emissary mission of importance to Waterdeep, the City of Splendors, in the far north. Numse, distraught but backed into a corner, reluctantly agreed to the request promising to return in a season for Quora. With a pit in her stomach, Quora said goodbye knowing this may be the last time she sees her friend Numse and the Traveling Yokels. During her farewells, Numse slipped Quora a mysterious package and note whispering, “Please give my regards to Lanrick Paddlehaven.” Quora shared a knowing glance and turned to her new companions. Not one to dwell on her misfortune, Quora recognized this just might be the stroke of luck that will take her on untold adventures!

Quora Hillbarrow

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